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At Eco Logical Australia, we pride ourselves on being experts in our field.

We provide real solutions to real world challenges by helping our clients navigate their way through complexity. And by working side-by-side with our clients, we achieve the greatest positive outcome on every one of our projects. For us, that’s the big picture.

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  • Why is archaeology so important? 

    When Stockland's development had a historical house on site, Karyn and the team were brought in to uncover the history of the house and how it could impact the project.

  • Making sense of the new streamlined Environmental Assessments for NSW 

    As of March 24, developments in NSW that significantly affect Federally listed matters have had the offsetting and approvals process streamlined, with the State and Commonwealth Environmental Assessment process being made more efficient. Read here to understand the changes and how they will impact future projects.

  • A new frontier – using tech to map further and faster 

    Gone are the days of arduously scaling landscapes to map gnarly features; nowadays mapping is a high-tech exercise. we explore how ELA’s experts are using technology to overcome a whole variety of inherent barriers in mapping, helping clients go further and faster than they’ve ever gone before.